Jason and Jayden David

Story of a father
and his son

This is the story of how a father's struggle to help his son started the "CBD Movement" helping countless people find relief in medical cannabis.

This is the story of Jason and Jayden's Journey.

Jayden's Struggle

Jayden David was diagnosed with Dravet syndrome, a rare form of childhood epilepsy. He was taking at least 22 anti-seizure pills a day to cope but that made life unlivable due to side effects.

Medical Cannabis

On June 4, 2011, Jason gave his son medical cannabis and Jayden went through an entire day without a seizure; a first in years. The first bottle of tincture worked while the second one did not.

Research Began...

With help from Harborside dispensary, Jason was able to research why one of the bottles of tincture worked.


Discovered Ratios are Important

After extensive research, Jason realized that the ratios of THC and CBD were playing a part in the inconsistency of the tincture's effects.

Jayden's Juice

In 2012, Jason created Jayden's Juice, a proprietary tincture with a unique CBD ratio that has helped thousands of people find relief from many different ailments.

Jayden and Jason David now

Jayden and Jason Today

Jayden's Juice has helped Jayden go from hundreds of seizures a day to almost none. It has also allowed Jason to wean Jayden off of the pharmaceuticals that were making life unbearable for Jayden.

Today, Jason is busy helping the patients that come into Jayden's Journey find the relief they need. Jason's experience and knowledge helps patients everyday in finding trustworthy advice on medical cannabis.